The Filipino Community Sports Association (FSA) - Geneva opened their V League Ambassador’s Cup on 19 November 2016 in Omnisport Bertrand, Geneva. This volleyball league is a two-day sports event where twenty-five (25) teams, composed of both men and women, compete for the championship.


Philippine Ambassador to Switzerland Joselito A. Jimeno and Minister and Consul General Enrico Fos from the Philippine Mission in Geneva graced the occasion and met with the Filipino players. In his speech, Ambassador Jimeno gave a brief background of volleyball in the Philippines and how Filipinos influenced some present rules of the game.


He encouraged the Filipino community to maintain the camaraderie and to have fun while improving their physical fitness and athletic skills and providing enjoyment to the spectators.  The Ambassador also commended the FSA Geneva headed by Mr. Norman Dayupay for their initiative in gathering the Filipino community and sports enthusiasts in the said event.



Parade of Team Muses 


FSA Amb Cup2

Oath of Sportsmanship



The FSA Geneva was established on 17 January 2016 and the group’s goal is to unite Filipinos through sports. The V-League Ambassador’s Cup is one of their sports activities in a year; they also have another league during summer which runs for more than a month.


FSA Amb Cup3

Left to Right Photo: Ambassador Jimeno and Con Gen Fos award the winners for Best in Uniform for Women and Men




Ceremonial service by Ambassador Jimeno


During the event, the awards for Best in Uniform (Men and Women) and Best in Muse were announced. The Ambassador also performed the ceremonial service to officially open the V-League Ambassador’s Cup. END