On 26 November 2016, the Choir of Nations (Chor der Nationen), a multi-racial singing group aiming to promote unity and integration in Switzerland, performed at the French Church in Berne.


The choir, with members of various ethnicities from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Israel, Kosovo, Venezuela, Togo, Brazil, India, Syria and the Philippines, among others, held a 2-hour concert entitled “Many Languages, One Voice”.


The Choir of Nations uses a “multi-linguistic” approach to singing, based on the principle that music is the universal language of the world to promote unity and greater integration and to motivate migrants and Swiss locals alike to reach out with one another.


Filipinas Cynthia Meier, Genevieve Marty and Nora Schopfer are part of the Choir of Nations and performed with the group during the concert.



The members of Chor der Nationen Bern sang Swiss, Russian, German, Italian, Cuban, Peruvian, Tajik and English folksongs

during their concert at the French Church in Berne.