Processing of documents for notarization takes five (5) working days.

Authentication of Documents

  • Original document
  • If the original document is not in English, it must be accompanied by an English translation. (Please check with the Embassy if your document needs an English translation.)
  • Original document must bePhotocopy of the document(s) for Embassy file. 
    • Notarized and
    • Legalized at the State Chancery ( Staatskanzlei) of the applicant’s canton
  • Self-addressed envelope with Sfr. 6.00 postal stamp (registered) for the return of the document.
  • Fee: Sfr. 25.00 per document (postal order if request is done by mail).


A written statement usually prepared by the lawyer of the applicant, such as General/Special Power of Attorney, Deed of Sale, etc. (LEGAL FORMAT) 

  • Original document and 1 photocopy
  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Personal appearance of the applicant at the Embassy
  • Sfr. 25.00 per document


A written statement prepared by the applicant, such as statements of financial support, parental consent, etc 

  • Original affidavit and 1 photocopy
  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Personal appearance of the affiant/applicant at the Embassy
  • Sfr. 25.00 per document


A statement prepared by the Embassy such as Certification 
of Filipino Citizenship, Certification of Legal Capacity to Marry, etc. 
Please call the Embassy for the requirements. +41-31-350-1717.


Other forms:

 Application For Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) 
 Special Power of Attorney
Certification for Travel Tax Exemption

 Assistance to Nationals Form
Joint Affidavit of Legitimation by Subsequent Marriage
Affidavit of Acknowledgment of Paternity and Consent to use the surname of the Father
 Affidavit of Consent and Support
Affidavit of Legal Capacity to Marry
Affidavit of Support
Affidavit of Undertaking
Affidavit of Discrepancy

Note: Since, 1 March 2013, PostFinance/Swiss Post will no longer be accepting Postanweisung/ Postal Money order.  Applicants can send their cash/ payments by "registered letter" value added service.  Letter contents are insured up to a value of 500 francs.  Cash can also be sent by A Mail Plus, the contents of which are insured up to a value of 100 francs.