3 passport requirementsThe Philippine Passport- Checklist of Requirements as of 16 August 2022


According to Section 3(d) o Republic Act (RA) No. 8239, also known as the “Philippine Passport Act of 1996”, a Philippine Passport is a document issued by the Philippine Government to its citizens requesting other governments to allow its citizens to pass freely, and, in case of need, to give them lawful and and protection.

RA No. 8239 also states that the acquisition of a Philippine passport is a privilege. The law recognizes the passport applicant’s constitutional right to travel. However, the State is also mandated to protect and maintain the integrity and credibility of the passport and travel documents proceeding from it.

It is a function of our Philippine consular officers to pass upon claims for or resolve matters involving Philippine citizenship and, upon determination of such citizenship, to issue an applicant with a Philippine passport.

The passport remains a property of the Philippine Government and should be surrendered to the State should it be demanded through a competent Philippine Government Official. Any alteration, addition, or destruction of contents is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized change will render a passport invalid and will have accompanying penalties. Using it as a collateral is against the law and will automatically render the passport cancelled.

Only Filipino citizens may apply for a Philippine passport. Filipino citizens who have acquired foreign citizenship are eligible to apply for a Philippine passport only after the reacquisition of their Philippine citizenship (Oath of Allegiance under RA No. 9225 of 2003, otherwise known as the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003.) For more information on this, including the forms and requirements, please visit: Philippine Citizenship.

Pursuant to RA No. 10928 of 2017 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), all regular passports issued starting 01 January 2018 shall be valid for ten (10) years for adults, and five (5) years for minors. Please note that all passports are printed in the Philippines.

Filipino citizens are advised to check the validity of their passports to avoid inconvenience in case of travel or renewal of permit to stay. Holders of an expiring passport are advised to renew their passport and/or request an extension of the validity of their passport. Appointment for a new passport and/or renewal must be secured through the Global Online Appointment System (GOAS), which is managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). For more information, please click here (Passport GOAS Information Sheet).

Passport applicants (either for new, renewal, or extension of validity) are advised to bring all the required documents with them on their date of appointment. Otherwise, their applications cannot be processed.

Applicants who do not have a copy of their documents with them on the date of their appointment, such as documents issued under RA No. 9225 (if lodged with the Philippine Embassy in Berne), will be charged the corresponding Consular Fee for the Certified True Copy (CTC) of the document/s issued only by the Embassy. The said documents shall be attached to their passport application to prove their Philippine citizenship.

All passports are processed in the Philippines. Passport processing takes about four (4) to six (6) weeks from the date of appointment with biometrics capture. Passports received by the Embassy from the DFA will either be mailed to the applicants, using the self-addressed envelope with stamps (CHF6.50 for registered mail) provided by the applicants themselves. Passport may also be claimed personally. Please inform the Embassy on your appointment date if you prefer the latter.


Passport Forms 




Consular clients are required to enclose a self-addressed envelope with stamp worth at least CHF6.50 along with their consular documents for pre-evaluation and processing of the Consular Section.

For the stamps that will be required for the return of your parcels, please consult with your local Post Office for the: 1) postage required for the return of your documents, if bulky/heavy, and 2) purchase the stamps from them. Postal fees may be checked from the website of Die Post.


 3 passport requirementsTravel Document- Checklist of Requirements as of 16 August 2022



Travel Document Form 

A Travel Document (TD) is a one-way document that allows Filipino/s to travel to the Philippines at the most direct possible route, including going through transit. It is valid for 30-days from the date of issuance.

A TD is issued in lieu of a passport, which has expired or was lost, to allow them to travel to the Philippines from the port of departure (for Switzerland, i.e., Zurich International Airport) and transit.

A TD cannot be used to visit other countries for the purpose of tourism or business. TDs must be surrendered to the DFA ASEANA Office or DFA Consular Office before they can be issued anew their Philippine passport, subject to the submission and evaluation of their complete documents.

Travellers who entered the Philippines using a TD are not allowed to leave the Philippines without a valid Philippine passport.