3 passport requirementsNBI Clearance- Checklist of Requirements as of 16 Aug 2022





The NBI Clearance is a document issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). It is not a consular document that can be issued by the Philippine Embassies or Philippine Consulates. 

Applicants for NBI clearance should request for its issuance directly with the NBI through the following link:

For those in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein and who cannot personally appear before the NBI to apply and secure their NBI Clearance, the the Philippine Embassy can assist the said applicants in applying for the said clearance in terms of getting their fingerprinting on the NBI card form only.

The following are required for the NBI application form and fingerprinting: 

Copy of old NBI clearance (if any), 

  • Copy of passport data page 
  • Two 2 x 2 photos (white background) 
  • CHF25.00 notarial fee (+CHF 10.00 as expedite fee for processing and release within 24 hours from the taking of the fingerprints), and
  •  Self-addressed return envelope with stamp worth CHF6.50

The said original NBI form duly notarized by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate should be sent by the applicant themselves to their designated representative in the Philippines who will file it for them.

Said applicants are also advised to execute a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to their Attorney-in-fact in the Philippines / duly designated representative who will attend to their application for an NBI clearance. The said SPA must be Acknowledged by the Embassy, then sent to their designated representative/Attorney-in-fact in the Philippines together with the notarized NBI form.

For more information, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..