Ms. Alicia "Lindy Egli, President of Bayanihan Filipino Biel, welcomes the guests of the Philippine Food Festival

Photo Credit: Ulysses Sison ( photographer) Organizer:Bayanihan Filipino Biel


25 June 2022, Biel - The Philippine Embassy in Berne and the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in Geneva lauded the Bayanihang Filipino Biel, headed by Ms. Alicia “Lindy” Egli, for organizing their third Philippine Food Festival.



Photo Credit: Ulysses Sison ( photographer) Organizer:Bayanihan Filipino Biel


Held at the Robert Walser Platz in the municipality of Biel/Bienne, about 40 kilometers from Berne, the food festival featured Pinoy delicacies such as lechon, halo-halo, pancit, adobo and lumpia, among other dishes made available for attendees to purchase and enjoy. Bayanihang Filipino Biel organized the food festival as a fund-raising event in support of local communities in the Philippines who were affected by natural calamities. Some construction projects for community development were also included among the target beneficiaries of the festival.



Photo Credit: Ulysses Sison ( photographer) Organizer:Bayanihan Filipino Biel

To enliven the event, the Visayan Cultural Group Bern performed Malong and Ragaksakan dances during the program. A singing contest and a search for the best-dressed participant also drew contestants from the attendees who came from other parts of Switzerland.

Minister Senen T. Mangalile led the Embassy team in congratulating and expressing appreciation to the Filipino and Swiss community in Biel who supported the event.  In his remarks, he emphasized the importance of food in Philippine culture as a binding agent within the community and as a potent instrument in promoting cross-cultural relations and friendship. He encouraged the Filipino communities all over Switzerland to make use of this tool in promoting a keener understanding of the Philippines among the Swiss and other peoples in the country.

The Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Evan P. Garcia, also spoke at the event and linked the occasion to celebration of the 124th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence. He remarked that the country as a whole, including the Filipino diasporas all over the world, has consistently shown resilience and the capacity to embrace change such that every Filipino is able to “rise to the challenge of a new tomorrow”.

Ambassador Garcia also noted the health and vigor of democracy in the Philippines as evidenced by the successful conduct of the recent national elections which registered the highest voter turn-out in the country’s history.  He also affirmed that the government’s priority is to reinvigorate the economy after the pandemic. In closing, he expressed his hope that these celebrations would affirm the friendship and camaraderie among the Filipino community and invigorate consular and public service at the Philippine Missions through mutual respect and goodwill.  He also called on to the community to amplify the positive image and developments of the country to encourage investments and tourism.






Photo Credit: Ulysses Sison ( photographer) Organizer:Bayanihan Filipino Biel