04 March 2022 – The public is advised that due to the high volume of queries that the Embassy is responding to at the moment and the limited number of Embassy personnel, email senders and/or consular clients are strongly urged to regularly monitor updates in the Philippine Embassy website and Facebook Page. Emails received will be responded to accordingly during workdays, as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the public is advised that if their inquiry is about the Consular Services of the Embassy, please view the website for more information.

For direct / specific links to the Consular Services, please click any of the following:

Due to data privacy concerns, GOAS requires the applicant/s to personally accomplish online passport application form. For more information on GOAS, please click: and Announcement-05-2022. Applicants are requested to 1) read the instructions carefully and agree to the GOAS Terms and Conditions before proceeding with setting up an appointment.; and 2) ensure that all required documents are complete prior to securing an appointment through the GOAS.

GOAS is for passport applications only and should not be combined with other consular services such as Report of Birth (ROB), Report or Marriage, Affidavits, among others. For these services, please refer to the portion on Civil Registry;

All Consular requirements, forms and additional information may be found on the said Embassy pages. The Embassy kindly invites you to check the said weblinks vis-à-vis your inquiry and requirements, and only make a follow-up after verifying them.

For entry into the Philippines of foreign nationals, including all the requirements, please view Public Advisory Nos. 11, and 10. For information on the recognition of the Swiss COVID-19 vaccination certificate and entry of Filipino citizens in to the Philippines, please view our Public Advisory No. 08.

If your inquiry is not answered by the information contained in the abovementioned links, or does not concern Consular matters, the Embassy will reply to your email in due course.

Please be guided accordingly.